Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Truth about the UN post

Tactical Necessity
Kofi Annan may well have accused the Israeli military of carrying out a sustained bombing of the UN base on the Lebanon-Israel border that culminated in the killing of four unarmed monitors. But the barely recorded truth came from courageous UN Observer Canadian Maj. Paeta Hess-von Kruedener, one of the four victims.

'We've got Hezbollah fighters running around in our positions, taking our positions here and then using us for shields and then engaging the (Israeli Defence Forces)," he said.

"What I can tell you is this," he wrote in an e-mail to CTV dated July 18. "We have on a daily basis had numerous occasions where our position has come under direct or indirect fire from both (Israeli) artillery and aerial bombing. "The closest artillery has landed within 2 meters (sic) of our position and the closest 1000 lb aerial bomb has landed 100 meters (sic) from our patrol base. This has not been deliberate targeting, but rather due to tactical necessity."

This account has been covered by the Israeli and Canadian press, but I haven't seen it anywhere else.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wanted you that I have seen postings about Hisbollah's use of the UN peacekeepers as human shields on 5 or six of the blogs I visit: Belmont Club,Jihad Watch,(I believe),and others. Kofi the monkey should have gotten those folks out of harm's way as soon as this fighting broke out. They were in constant contact with the UN as were the other teams of peacekeepers who reported being used as human shields. The danger was known. I would not be entirely surprised if Kofi deliberately allowed the sacrifice of a few peacekeepers just so he could scream about Israel's "deliberate targeting" later. The UN certainly doesn't hesitate to help Palestinian terrorists. You might be amazed at how many Americans really wish we take our funds and leave the UN, and tell them to leave New York.

7:36 PM  
Anonymous Brian said...

Hi Jane,

No doubt you are also following the IAF enquiry into how they could hit a block of flats in Qana at 0100 on Saturday night and it then collapsed between 0700 and 0800 on Sunday morning- full of civilians.

Keep up the good work.


12:51 AM  
Blogger mommie dearest said...

There's a great article by Melanie Phillips
Take a look if you haven't already seen it.
And I thought Tony Blair spoke with a breath of fresh air last night in California. At last the issues understood and articulated.It was in full on Sky News.

2:41 AM  
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